Diamond roller dressers are used for forming and dressing conventional abrasive grinding wheels and CBN wheels. Since these dressers are capable of accurate and speedy form dressing, they can effectively be used to mass produce work parts with a high degree of accuracy. Diamond roller dressers are available in sintered and electroforming types.

The Rotary diamond dressers are an advanced forming wheel and honing wheel dressing tool with high correction efficiency and can trim complex shaped grinding wheels that cannot be completed by other dressing methods. Due to the high precision and long life of the roller, the quality of the ground workpiece is stable and consistent, and the best economic benefits can be obtained in mass production.


  • Tool making Industry

  • Valves & Valve Needles

  • Oil Seals 

  • Crank Shafts & Camshafts

  • Gears, Gear Shafts & Pinion Gears

  • Water Pumps

  • Clutch Bearings & Clutch Release Rings

  • Piston Rods, Piston Valves, Guide Valves, Rotary Piston & Rotor Shafts

  • Rocker arm Guides

  • Piston Rings




Applicable CNC Machines:

Holfer, Gleason-Pfauter, Kapp-Niles, Reishauer, Meccanodora, Samputensili, Cinetic Landis, Toyoda


Form dressing rollers :

Since the introduction of CNC-controlled dressing processes, a large number of diamond form dressing rollers have entered the market, making it difficult or impossible to get oriented in the market. With our form dressing roller standard, we strive to reduce the number of different types to a reasonable size to enable efficient storage and inexpensive manufacturing of the tools. In this manner, we contribute to the economical optimization of our customers' grinding processes.


Methods of Application :

Different types of form dressing rollers are needed depending on desired grinding wheel profile.