For crankshaft grinding, vitrified CBN grinding wheel is the best option. Vitrified CBN Crankshaft grinding wheels are innovative tools with grinding features that are mainly used in industrial fields like automotive, aircraft, aerospace, truck, diesel, etc.

A Vitrified CBN grinding wheel is the ideal choice for crankshaft grinding. Vitrified CBN Crankshaft grinding wheels are cutting-edge equipment with grinding capabilities that are mostly employed in industrial industries such as automotive, aviation, aerospace, truck, diesel, and others, particularly for the pin and bearing regrinding. Corundum or aluminum oxide grinding wheels, as well as CBN grinding wheels, may be used on crankshafts. We’ll be concentrating on Vitrified CBN Crankshaft Grinding Wheel, its characteristics, uses, and extensive explanations on this product page. This crankshaft grinding wheel has the most recent advancements in abrasive grains as well as vitrified bond technology, making it a popular option for grinding.

CBN camshaft grinding wheel Vitrified CBN crankshaft grinding wheel is on working

A common product specification for a crankshaft grinding wheel on the market is as follows. Examine the model’s measurements and sizes. The average wheel speed is between 80 and 120 m/s. Depending on the client’s requirement, designs may also be changed.

ModelD (mm)T (mm)H (mm)X (mm)



202035 8 10
1A12035 8 10
1A12035 8 10



351325 8 10
1A11325 8 10
1A11325 8 10




40.51325 8 10
1A11325 8 10
1A11325 8 10
1A11325 8 10

Comparison of parameters between CBN wheel and corundum grinding wheel

CBN wheelCorundum crank shaft grinding wheel

Corundum Grinding WheelCBN Grinding Wheel
Workpiece life20000 pieces100000 pieces
Dressing10 pieces300 pieces
dressing time1 min4 min
Linear speed45m / s90m / s
RPM1200 rpm2500 rpm


Application of Vitrified CBN Crankshaft grinding wheels

The CBN abrasive in the Vitrified CBN crankshaft grinding wheel has good heat stability and delivers outstanding performance in super high grinding to treat crankshafts. The following are some examples of Vitrified CBN crankshaft grinding wheels in different sectors and businesses.

  • Grinding of the crankshaft. AMC Barco machines are their specialty.
  • Precision Machining and Automotive Engine for autos, tractors, and vehicles.
  • Hydraulic tappets, glib, machine tool components, bearings, and cutting tools have all been processed with it.
  • High-speed grinding is another use for it. This is why the bond quality, adhesives, and core materials are all built with safety in mind.