Resin bond surface grinding wheels are made of high quality micro diamond powder and selected resin formula, which is made by hot pressing sintering. The choice of particle size is based on diamond powder, and can also be chose as per customer's polishing requirements. The resin bond diamond grinding wheel is mainly used in zircon and glass, crystal, the fine grinding and polishing of the jewelry processing industry. At the same time, it can be applied to the grinding and polishing of fully automatic grinding processing machinery, eliminating the need for manual polishing of the abrasive powder on the traditional optical disc



The resin bonded diamond wheel has a good polishing effect and good sharpness. It is not easy to block in the grinding process. The specific features are as follows:

① The resin grinding wheel has high grinding efficiency, while the grinding wheel consumption is relatively slow;

② Good self-sharpening. The heat value is small in grinding process. And it is not easy to block so that reduce the workpiece burn;

③ The grinding wheel has a certain elasticity, which is conducive to improve the surface roughness of the workpiece. It is mainly used for fine grinding, semi-fine grinding, knife grinding, polishing and other processes;

④ Resin bond diamond grinding wheel are cured under the low temperature. The production cycle is shorter than other bond grinding wheels. Due to the resin bond has the mobility, it is easy to make complicated surface of the grinding wheel.